Ask Me Anything – How do you keep your hats/yarn organized?

“How Do You Keep Your Hats & Yarn Organized?”

I wish I had a great answer, but I have to admit that I don’t have a super creative or attractive solution.

I used to have a pretty decent hoard of yarn, but last summer we moved to a new state and I had to de-stash a bit. This week is the perfect time to do this post, as I moved all of my yarn from our garage inside our 1-bedroom apartment with less than 1,000 square feet of space. We are lucky enough to have a big walk-in closet, and I have a very understanding husband who lets me fill it with yarn!

I brought all my yarn in and just put it in the bedroom:

No, this is not a child's bedroom. The Lego's on the shelf are my husbands. I have my hobbies and he has his :)

No, this is not a child’s bedroom. The Lego’s on the shelf are my husbands. I have my hobbies and he has his 🙂

Our beautiful closest, sans yarn:

2013-06-06 12.07.26

After 2 hours of color-sorting and organizing I got everything into the closet:

2013-06-06 14.33.30

That’s 6 bins of boxes on top and 3 on bottom.

As for hats, I have 3 more of those large pink totes from above. They’re each 45 gallons and they hold a lot of hats! I love these totes as they’re very stack-able and keep the hats clean! I store them in the totes until I need to take them somewhere, and then I usually put them in the big blue Ikea bags for easier transport.

This summer I am taking these totes up to Utah with me for some shows that I will be selling at. Once those shows are over I will be leaving the left-over hats at my parents house until I go back for more shows in the fall. Once all my shows are over I take anything that is left to a store that I sell them at.

Since that wasn’t a very cool answer I thought I would share some really cool yarn storage ideas I’ve seen online. Hopefully someday I will have the space to do something like these! 


How cool is that wall of spooled yarn by the couch!? Lorna from is able to knit with the yarn still on the wall, which I’m sure makes her space a lot cleaner than mine!


Can you imagine going to bed each night and waking up every morning and having this be the first thing you ever see?? So jealous of Amber over at

tara's yarn

Tara from Mamachee and has one of the best work spaces I’ve ever seen! I LOVE those yarn cubbies!

ana white

And if you are super ambitious and you can use these awesome plans from Ana White to make your own storage cubbies. This is much like the Ikea Expedit cubbies I used to store yarn at my old place.

If you have any great yarn storage ideas I would love to see pictures!

Any Me Anything will be back next Friday, so if you have something you’d like to know leave a comment!

Hopes for next year…

As I work my tail off to get ready for the Christmas season, I find myself often thinking about the things I hope to do differently next year. So right now I’m setting my goals for 2012.

  1. Pace Myself! If I got more done in the early part of the year, I wouldn’t be pushing myself to finish 9 hats everyday now!
  2. Think Ahead! Especially when it comes to patterns. A couple of weeks ago I decided that this year I HAD to write a Santa Hat pattern. It had been in my head for months, and I decided that I needed to write it and get it in my shop before November got underway. Notice I said that this hat had been in my head for months. But I didn’t do anything about it until October 20th. Genius. Thanks to my wonderful group of testers, and the wonderful Camilla Olsen at Cioco Photography I was able to get it completed and posted less than 2 weeks later, but it would have been a lot less stress if I would have done it earlier!
  3. Relax! This one is actually going into affect this year! Last year I was filling orders until Christmas Ever. This year, NOT going to happen! I am going to enjoy my Christmas. I am going to buy a tree with my husband, make an early Christmas dinner with friends, and watch lots of Christmas movies. I’m going to enjoy Christmas this year!
  4. Take Care of Myself! Lately I’ve found that I don’t exercise as much as I did a couple of weeks ago. Some of that has to do with the change of weather. I can’t hike nearly as much, and sometimes it’s just too cold at night to take a really long walk. Next year I need to find an activity that I can do year round, and that I enjoy enough to stick to!
  5. Don’t Over-Commit! I actually had most of these thoughts last year, and to be honest, I did a much better job and getting more hats made earlier, but I blew that by committing to more and more shows until I ended up more stressed this year than I was this time last year! I just need to keep it going and not commit to taking orders I know it will take a miracle to fill!

So those are my 5 goals for the coming Christmas season, and for next year. Anyone else have to set crazy rules for themselves in order to keep sane!?