Basic Granny Square Pattern used for CAL & Joining Instructions

Below is the pattern to follow for each 2″ granny square used in the CAL starting tomorrow! Keep in mind that these sqaures will require a small hook. I use an E for mine, and they come in just over 2″. I wanted them a bit bigger, as the blanket is for my husband. Just try out some different hook sizes until you find the one that works for you!

Ch 3 at begining of each round counts as first DC.

Round 1: Ch 4. DC 2 times in 4th st from hook. *Ch 3, DC 3 times in same st*. Repeat from * to * 2 more times. Ch 3. Join with sl st at top of Ch 3.

Round 2: Ch 3. DC in next 2 st. *[DC, Ch 3, DC] in Ch 3 space. DC in next 3 st*. Repeat from * to * 2 more times. DC, Ch 3, DC in last Ch 3 space. Join with sl st at top of Ch 3 and fasten off. Use tapestry needle to work in end.

Joining your Granny Squares

There are a couple different ways to join Granny Squares, but slip-stitchign them together is my favorite! I would have taken pictures and posted them here, but Attic24 did a much better job then I ever could have! Check out here blog here for great instructions and photo tutorials!

CAL – Getting Ready for Week 1

Less than 1 week until the official start of the Sweet Kiwi Crochet-Along, and there’s a couple of things to do to get ready!

#1: Head over to the ‘Templates’ post in the Crochet-Along section of the website and decide which blanket you’re going to make. Click on the picture and you can print it off, or email me and I’ll send you a PDF copy. Keep in mind, if you don’t want to use a template you don’t have to! Be creative and make it your own. Just be sure to use the same granny square pattern and to share your pictures!

#2: Once you have your pattern selected, check under the picture to see what colors of yarn you will need. Some have 2 different colors, others have 10. Now hit the store and stock up! Because I haven’t made any of these blankets yet, I’m not able to recommend how much yarn to buy at this point. I’m hoping that some of you will be kind enough to keep track of how much yarn you use in each color and let me know so I can provide that information to people in the future!

#3: Join the Ravelry Sweet Kiwi Crochet-Along Group and ‘Like’ Sweet Kiwi Crochet on Facebook so that you can ask questions of other people working on the project and so you can see everyones progress! Each week I’ll post about the progress people are making, feel free to ask questions in the comments there too and I will try to get to them!

#4: Get excited, and check back on Monday for the first assignment!!!

Crochet Along and Free Granny Square Pattern templates

Next week is the kick-off for the first Sweet Kiwi Crochet CAL! I’ve added a new section to site with some information about crochet-alongs in general, as well as some FAQ. You can check it out here.

For me, though, the most exciting part of this CAL process has been putting together Granny square templates:

There are currently 16 templates available for FREE under the Crochet-Along Tab here. There are also instructions for using the templates and joining the crochet-along. Check out the entire section for some great FREE templates and well as tips and tricks for using them! I’ll be posting updates here and on Facebook about the crochet-along, so join us next week and we’ll make some great blankets together!