Quilts & Afghans

As I said a couple of weeks ago, I’m a bit obsessed with the idea of quilts right now. I’ve found a lot that I want to make, but I really lack the skills to make them right now. Even though I know I will never make them all, I’ve really enjoyed pinning all of my favorite quilts to Pinterest.

Once I realized that I would never be able to finish half of the quilts I’d pinned I started looking into afghans that look like quilts, but that I could crochet! I’ve found some great photo’s online and can’t wait to make my first one! (I am working on a very simple quilt right now and will hopefully be sharing the details soon!)

First we have a quilt I’ve been loving on:

After loving this quilt for a couple of weeks I stumbled across this triangle pillow pattern! It could so easily be made into a quilt!

I love Hexagons, and thought this quilt was beautiful!

And then I found this pattern from Attic24 on Ravelry:

You could change up the colors and do pretty much anything, but I love the colors she has going too!

Like everyone else right now, I’m a total sucker for Chevron, and I LOVE this quilt!

But then I saw this afghan and now I don’t know which I like more!

And finally, Herringbone. I love it. It’s classic and beautiful at the same time. When I saw this quilt design I knew I needed one!

And while I think I do have the skills to make this one, I was really excited when Tara from Mamachee came out with her crochet Herringbone Blanket pattern! Turns out she was inspired by the same quilt I was!

So now to decide which of the 4 to work on first…or maybe I should finish at least one of the two blankets I have in progress now…