FAQ – What is a Crochet Along?

What is a Crochet-Along (CAL)?

A CAL is basically a group of people all working on a large project at the same time and pace. Some are targeted to more advanced crocheters and involve a variety of difficult stitches. Others are designed so that everyone can participate, no matter their skill level. Often the pattern chosen will be an afghan, and while everyone does the same pattern, each individual chooses their own colors.

 How skilled do I need to be?

I struggled for a bit trying to decide how to structure the first Sweet Kiwi Crochet-Along, but I think I came up with a good solution! We will be doing a very basic granny-square afghan pattern, but everyone will get to choose from a variety of ‘templates’ or varying difficultly. You can browse the different designs and download the PDF file of the one you would like HERE. Crocheters of all skill levels should be able to participate!

 How does it work?

Once you’ve picked the template that you’d like to work on, and you’ve bought the yarn you’ll need, check the calendar here. The official start date for the group will be 05/01/2012, however, if you start late that’s totally fine! We’d still love to see progress pictures no matter where you’re at, so be sure to share!  

 How do I sign up?

There are LOTS of ways to participate in the Sweet Kiwi Crochet CAL!

  • The first thing that you will want to do is head over HERE to the Template section of www.sweetkiwicrochet.com. Here you can see all of the different afghan templates available and download the one you would like to work on. Leave a comment to let us know you’re participating!
  • If you’re a member of Ravelry, join our group here. In the Ravelry group you’ll be able to share pictures of your progress, talk to other crocheters, get answers to questions and make some new friends!
  • I will also be updating Facebook here, and would love for everyone to share pictures of their progress along the way!
  • You can always email me pictures of your progress or questions directly – sweetkiwicrochet (at) gmail.com

 How often should I share my progress?

This is completely up to you, but the more you share the more fun the group will be! If you’d rather not share pictures, don’t let that keep you from making new friends are participating in chats! You can talk about anything you’d like, and hopefully we’ll all make some friends along the way!


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