Years ago my Grandma made my mom a beautiful doily. My mom had it professionally framed and it still hangs in her bedroom:

2013-06-22 13.45.22

I have always loved this doily and was overjoyed when my Grandma made me 2 of my own doilies for Christmas in 2011. I was very excited to get them framed and hung up on my own wall until I found out what custom framing costs! I couldn’t afford the $400 that Joann’s was going to charge (yes, that’s WITH the 60% off custom framing!) and so I carefully, and sadly, packed the doilies up for safe keeping until I could decide how to display them.

I saw some ideas on Pinterest, and while they looked good, nothing was exactly what I wanted…


My doily is made of thread, and wouldn't really work on a couch. And it's not this big!

My doily is made of thread, and wouldn’t really work on a couch. And it’s not this big!

I'm not a huge fan of shadow boxes, and wasn't sure if I would even be able to find one big enough.

I’m not a huge fan of shadow boxes, and wasn’t sure if I would even be able to find one big enough.

And then I saw this on ‘The Nester


And I thought, ‘Not only can I do that, I can afford that!’ and it was off to Hobby Lobby I went. My doilies are about 19.5″ in diameter, so I bought a 23″ embroidery hoop, a yard of blue broadcloth, some white size 10 crochet thread (or any color or type of thread that matches your doily) and a needle.

To start, make sure that your doily is starched. Mine already was, so I don’t have a tutorial on it, but you can find on here.

Iron out your fabric and mount it on your embroidery hoop.

2013-06-07 13.39.10

I had a lot of extra fabric all the way around.

DON’T cut off the excess fabric at this point. In fact, you’ll want a couple of inches of excess fabric all the way around so that you can center the doily later if you need to!

Roughly center your doily and then move it into place. This is where the extra fabric comes in! If you have extra fabric around your hoop then the doily does not need to be centered exactly. Once it is sewn on you can move the fabric around until the placement is how you like it.

2013-06-07 14.11.22

Now take your needle and thread (I used the same thread that the doily was made with) and simple stitch over the doily to hold it in place. I use VERY small stitches and just did them over the little spikes on the edges.

2013-06-07 14.12.12

These spikes are already stitched on. If you use VERY small stitches you won’t even be able to see them. $5 to anyone who can see my stitches here. Kidding, I’m not gonna give you $5.

This is what the back of my embroidery hoop looks like after the doily is stitched on:

2013-06-07 14.12.01

At this point I took my hoop where I was going to hang it and held it up to make sure that I couldn’t see the stitching through the fabric. It was very clear when I held it up against a window or even a light, but when held up against a wall you couldn’t see it anymore. If you are able to see your stitching you may want to consider getting another piece of fabric and inserting it into the hoop as well, behind the piece with the stitching, so that you hide the stitching.

As this point you can tug and play with the fabric until you are satisfied with your doily placement. Once you are, take some scissors to that fabric!

2013-06-07 14.12.50

As you can see, I cut pretty close to the hoop all the way around.

I followed the same process with my 2nd doily, and voila!

2013-06-07 14.16.25

Then I hung them up and was done!

2013-06-07 15.23.18

The best part is that I know that if I ever have the money to professionally frame them I can easily get them off the fabric and out of the hoop without damaging them. Until then, I can enjoy them in these great hoops!

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