Such a proud day!

I don’t normally talk about my personal life, but today I can’t help it.

Right now Hubs is at school teaching his last class of the year! I am SO proud of him for getting through his first full year of teaching.

It has been stressful and very hard at times, but he has kept a good attitude and hasn’t cried once 🙂

I have a whole new respect for teachers after this year, from the things that they put up with from their students and there parents, to the incredible hours that they spend working on lesson plans, grading papers, and doing whatever they need to to help their students succeed.

None of this has anything to do with me or crocheting, but I couldn’t help bragging about him a little bit!

Happy Thursday Everyone!!

2 thoughts on “Such a proud day!

  1. That is so wonderful! I am also a teacher and posts like this really make me smile! Just to let you know… the time he has to put in will lessen a little as time goes on. Next year is my 10th year and I LOVE my job still. Here’s to a close to a magnificent year!

    • That is so good to hear! It would be nice to have one work-free weekend next year 🙂 He sure brought home a lot more stuff last night then he took with him when he started the year, which I am taking as a good sign! Thanks for your work!

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