Ask me Anything – How Long Have You Been Crocheting?

“How Long Have You Been Crocheting?”

This is not me, but she sure it cute! Click on the picture and you'll find out how her mom taught her to crochet!

This is not me, but she sure is cute!

This is a hard question to answer, as I’m honestly not sure!

Some of my earliest memories are being at my Grandma’s house and playing with her Mile-A-Minute strips. She had a basket full of un-joined strips that she would let all the grand-kids play with and we loved to take turns tying each other to chairs with them. I also remember her and my mom teaching me how to make a chain with my fingers. My cousin and I would make long chains just because it was so fun. We thought we were awesome!

My mom was an amazing cross-stitcher when I was young. She would make the pieces that are photographed for pattern books, and I remember her teaching me to cross stitch. Though I always loved the finished products  I didn’t have a lot of patience for it, and I hated pricking myself with the needle constantly.

At some point my mom taught me to crochet. I’m not sure when exactly, but I know that when I was in the 7th grade I made a waffle-stitch blanket, and in 9th I made an afghan in my high school colors (blue and orange) for my best friend.

And that as it. I don’t remember crocheting anything but those 2 blankets until I was 19. There might have been more projects, but I have a terrible memory and don’t remember any of them.

One day during my freshman year of college I was at Walmart and I wandered into the yarn department. A skein of yarn caught my eye and suddenly I was fantasizing about what I could do with it. I ran to the front of the store, grabbed a cart, and 10 minutes later I was heading to my car with 15 skeins of yarn in my cart! My roommates all teased me, but I spent the 2nd semester of college making an afghan for myself. I remember being surprised that I was able to just pick up a hook and crochet without much trouble.

My sophomore year I crocheted a bit. A neighbor boy would come over to my apartment on Sunday’s afternoon and we would crochet together while our roommates made fun of us.

The summer after my Junior year started with a horrible break-up (with the boy I eventually married!). I didn’t want to leave my apartment at all, so I spent a couple of months inside just sewing. Eventually I had a bunch of stuff and nothing to do with it, so I got a booth at the local farmers market and sold some things there.

6 months after the end of the farmers market,  break-up boy and I decided to brave the long-distance relationship and get back together, and 6 months after that we got married. We didn’t have much money, or any job prospects, so the next summer I decided to try and make some money selling at the farmers market again, and Sweet Kiwi Crochet was born!

How did you learn to crochet?

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