DIY Mothers Day

Mothers Day is just 8 days away, and if your mom (or wife, or grandmother, or pregnant friend, etc.) is anything like my mom, she is hard to buy for, but reliably loves the DIY gifts, even from her adult children!

So here is some DIY inspiration for all your Mothers Day gifts, all of which can be done by next Sunday!

Click on the photo’s below to be taken to the instructions.

Super Cute Crochet Coasters


Subway-Art Style Framed Prints

You can find both of these great (and FREE) prints at Eighteen25. They have multiple color options, and directions on how to order prints so they are on glossy photo paper (Costco or Walmarts 1-hour photo makes this a quick gift!). Just buy a 16×20 and an 8×10 frame and you’re ready to go!

1825 1825a

Or you can grab this awesome Subway Art ‘Year Long Gift in a Frame’ set from them and Mom can have a gift to use all year!


Crochet Picture Frame

I’ve been meaning to make these forever! Would be a great custom frame for a family photo

Crochet frams

Yarn Ball Wreath

If you have a fiber-loving Mom in your life, this is a great quick craft that doesn’t require any actual sewing on your part!


Pretty Pillow Cases

You can NEVER have too many pillowcases! Who wouldn’t love some new pillow cases to match their bedroom?!

Pretty Pillowcase Collage

“Bubble Gum” Jar Candy Dish

Though I love the look of this black “Bubble Gum” machine, the picture this site comes from doesn’t have the tutorial. You can find a tutorial to make this out of terra cotta pots and saucers, and a round glass vase HERE


Memories Plate

There are SO many different things you could do with this idea. Write your favorite memories with Mom in story format, scatter adjectives that describe Mom around the plate, or have your kids draw pictures! You could present it with cookies, or just a set of plates from the family, with 1 plate from each member. This is a gift any mom is sure to love, especially from grandchildren!

The tutorial here has nothing to do with Mothers Day, but the idea and process is the same!


And finally…

Great Crochet Pattern Mothers Day Gift Round-Up

I can’t pretend that I’m not crocheting my Mothers Day gifts this year! If you plan to do the same here are some great patterns that will work up quickly:


It’s finally starting to feel like summer (some places anyway!) so why not crochet Mom a pair of flip flops from Smecky Bits?


Or a cute summer hat from The Hat & I

mamacheeThe Oma House Slippers from Mamachee is the first crochet pattern I ever bought and I STILL wear the slippers I made from them! They’re comfortable and simple to make. You can add appliques to decorate them if you want!


As for my Mom and MIL, they’ll both be getting their own Kiwi Tote!

Good Luck with your crafting, and Happy Early Mothers Day to all!

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