‎~*~*~ Birthday Weekend 40% off Patterns Sale! ~*~*~

 I don’t normally tell people it’s my birthday, but this year I decided to have some fun with it and offer an 84 hour sale on all my patterns! This sale will work a little differently, so pay attention!
Starting RIGHT NOW you can enter code BIRTHDAY2012 on Etsy to receive 40% off all the patterns in my shop. This coupon code will ONLY be good fo…r the next 6 hours, 4:45 MST, and then it will be gone. I’m going out of town at 5:00 and it’s a pain to send lots of patterns from my iPad!
HOWEVER, the sale will be going on on RAVELRY until Monday at 9:30 PM MST. You will not need a coupon code there to receive your 40% off, and you can download your patterns immediately!
I made a bet with my husband about how many patterns I can sell this weekend, and my number is a bit higher than his. Winner gets bragging rights AND to choose the first camping trip of year, so please help me out by sharing the news about this sale all weekend long! I’ll owe you big time 🙂
Thanks everyone!

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