My New Years resolution, 24 new patterns!

I know everyone makes New Years resolutions and then breaks them by February, but I really think mine is attainable this year!

I want to publish a minimum of 24 new patterns in 2012!

That’s only 2 per month, so it’s really not so many. In fact, I’m off to a good start, I got 2 published in the last 48 hours! True, I started them in 2011, but I’m counting it anyway.

So, now available in my Etsy shop you have-

The Puppy Dog Hat Pattern:

And the Marvin the Monkey Hat Pattern:

Have an idea for a pattern you think I should write? Leave it in the comments below, and if I haven’t already got it on my list of upcoming patterns and I actually write it, you’ll get a free copy!


9 thoughts on “My New Years resolution, 24 new patterns!

  1. I know my horse-crazy niece would love a pony hat complete with mane. Since you are doing a dog hat, you should do a cat hat to balance out between dog people and cat people. Also a viking hat with horns and blond or red braids would be fun. Since we live close to Beaver Mountain, you should try to do a beaver hat, I bet they’d be pretty popular, especially if you could get Ted and Marge to let you sell them in the Beaver Mountain office. You could do more Christmas type hats…a santa hat, a rudolph hat, etc. And maybe some different halloween type monsters, ie frankenstein, vampire, werewolf, etc.

  2. I love your hats! They are all so cute! Here are some ideas for hats that my kids would love: pig, lamb, lion, elephant, panda bear and shark would be awesome! Wow 24 hat patterns is a lot of patterns to come up with. You are very talented!

  3. Oooh yeah, please bring back the panda bear, that one was adorable, I got one for one of my newphews. I agree a shark would be fun, or maybe a goldfish. Something aquatic and whimsical.

  4. What about branching out from animals and doing various styles of flowers on hats? It seems like every kid I know is in some sort of sports program, maybe you could do basketballs, soccer balls, baseballs, etc.

  5. A shark hat sounds so neat. I adore animal hats but I would love just simple hats that are more for boys. Girls have so many adorable hats from shelled beanies to little vintage flapper hats. I would love to be able to find more hats for my son.

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