Stull Knits Love

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but I’ve made numerous attempts at knitting, and I am a total failure! it’s so bad I can’t even hold the needle’s right.

Well it doesn’t matter anymore, because I met Raecale Stull, creator at Stull Knits. She sells at the Cache Valley Gardners Market, and Park Silly Sunday with me, and her stuff is AMAZING!

I bought the brown hat in the photo below, and I am seriously in love!

I’ve worn it all fall, and it’s so warm, and made really well!

But what makes Raecale seriously awesome is her slippers!

They’re hand-knitted, then felted, and then stitched with all kinds of different design! I’m really hoping I can find an excuse to buy some this year, because they are even more amazing in person that they are in these pictures!

So check out Raecale on Facebook and on Etsy , and if you want to buy me a pair, I wear a 6.5 and love red and turqoise!

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