Website Highlight – Tangled Happy!

(Full disclosure, I AM a Tangled Happy sponsor, but I do not receive any reward, monetary or otherwise, for mentioning this site. I was a fan of the site long before I was a sponsor, and my opinions are not influenced by my affiliation with the site)

I love handmade Christmas decorations, and since we just bought our tree 4 days ago, I’ve just barely started looking for things I can make to make our home more festive!

I was trying to google “crochet christmas ornaments” and Tangled Happy kept popping up in the search results.

Sara has found some GREAT ornament patterns online, and the great thing is, many of them are FREE!

Crochet Christmas balls from Meet Me At Mikes

Candy Cane ornaments from Whiskers & Wool

Snow-Covered Ornaments by A Creative Being

These Wreath Ornaments aren’t actually crocheted, but I think they’re adorable! The instructions are over at Christopher And Tia

So if you still have some last-minute decorating to do, check out one of these great blogs! And visit Tangled Happy or even more crochet inspiration!

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