Welcome Tangled Happy Fans!

Welcome to all you Tangled Happy fans!

To any of my fans who haven’t check out Tangled Happy, Sara runs a great website dedicated to crocheting! She’s got lots of links to free and cheap patterns, and I love being a sponsor of her website!

I am sponsoring a pattern giveaway this week over at Tangled Happy, so head over to check out how to enter! For those looking for a good deal, I’m also offering 25% off all the patterns in my shop now through Saturday, 12/10, when you use coupon code TANGLED at checkout.

Happy Holidays! Come back tomorrow for the belated Etsy Wednesday post!

10 thoughts on “Welcome Tangled Happy Fans!

  1. Hi Kandace, i’m a fellow crocheter as well, but i think you do a fantastic job creating!!!! Especially your hats ,hhmm,mmm mmm guuuuurl they are to die for !!!
    I also want to thank you for all that you do, cause you motivate me to do my best as well!!
    Thank you for doing giveaways to!!!

    Brenda Rawlings

  2. Hi Kandace, I found you as well through Tangled Happy. You are very talented and love the the Catherine Textured hat, the sunny and juliet headbands. Very nice work.

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