Etsy Highlights – Under $25 Gift Guide

Thanksgiving is barely over, and it’s not quite December yet, but if you’re anything like me, you’re already dreading shopping for that one person who has everything and is always impossible to shop for!

This year, I lucked out, since we’ve basically agreed to go the home-made route for Christmas this year, but I know everyone else isn’t so lucky!

Etsy is a great place to shop for gifts for those ‘hard-to-buy-for’ people, as it is full of unique, one of a kind finds. They also have this GREAT feature to help you find gifts for your Facebook friends, and today I thought I would share with you how to use it, as well as share some of the great things I’ve found on Etsy!

First off, Using Etsy’s Gift Finder. (You must have a Facebook account and be logged in for this to work)

Starting on the Etsy homepage,, scroll down the page. On the left hand side, under the list of categories you will see a black title labeled Ways to Shop. The first option under that title is Gift Ideas. Click on this option and you’ll be directed to a new page call “Gift Ideas for your Friends”. This page lets you type in the name of a Facebook friend that you’d like to shop for. It then goes through their Profile to find out what they like and matches that with listings on Etsy. Try it out, it’s quite fun!

And now on to my fun gift guide! These items are all found on Etsy, and clicking on the picture will link you to the shop that sells them!

For Techies – Allmaciphone:

These guys have some great decal stickers for iPhones, iPads, keyboards and Mac books, and right now they’re Buy 2 get 1 Free! Did I mention nothing in this shop is over $11.99?!

B U Y 2 get 1 F R E E decal'   cell phone decal sticker cover AT&T Version  Skin--------Retro NES Game ControllerB U Y 2 get 1 F R E E decal'  'B U Y 3 get 2 F R E E decal'   computer decal sticker -------- simpsonB U Y 2 get 1 F R E E decal'  'B U Y 3 get 2 F R E E decal'   computer decal sticker --------OWL




For Harry Potter Fans – Bells & Gems:

Bells & Gems has a lot of great Harry Potter stuff, but my favorite is their Harry Potter Fridge Magnet Set – Harry Potter Fridge Magnet set

There are over 350 magnets in this set, all for $10!
She also sells potion necklaces, character cell phone charms and radish earrings!

For Goofs – Mustache Glass

Everyone has that goofy friend, or couple of friends, that likes unique things. Mustache Glass is a great shop for them!Mustache Drinking Glass - Fun Drinking Glassware Bar Ware- 4 Piece Set - MustacheGlass

Honestly, who wouldn’t want these glasses!? They also sell Mustache’s On A Stick, and Mustache Necklaces.

Mustache Lips And Eye Glasses on a stick - Photo Booth Mask Prop  12 Piece Set for Wedding Parties or Just for Fun - Black and Red FeltMustache Necklace - Black Acrylic Stash - 18 Inch Chain with Clasp

For Music Lovers – Records and Stuff

These guys do some cool things with Vinyl Records! They warp them to make clocks, bowls, and also sell album cover journals.

David Bowie Vinyl Record Wall Clock (Changes One Bowie)

ABBA Recycled Record Bowl (The Visitors)BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN Record Album Cover Journal / Notebook

And there shop is split up between Rock, Pop and Msicellaneous records, so you can customize it to the recipients taste!

For Artists and Writers – Leather Bound

Leather Bound sells a large variety of, you guessed it, leather bound books! They come in a variety of colors, and from the pictures, they look gorgeous!

Leather Bound Notebook Dark Olive Green with a hint of Brown Antique finish. Handmade

That’s going to wrap it up for today! There is a LOT of fun stuff on Etsy. Try to gift idea finder and have fun!

5 thoughts on “Etsy Highlights – Under $25 Gift Guide

  1. Your hats are just precious. I’m an experienced crocheter and will start crocheting a few of these adorable hats (after the holidays – yikes!) for my first grandchild due in May!!

  2. Love the leather journals! Just the thing for my daughter. Your hat patterns are so cute. I love making hats for babies and your patterns make it even more fun.

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